Katpro SharePoint Online BackUp
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SharePoint Online BackUp Tool
Katpro have devised a solution that allows you to backup your SharePoint Online Document and OneDrive for Business onto any given System, Server or Cloud destination. 

Some of the cool features you will LOVE!
  • Backup All/ Selected Site Collections/ Sites
  • Versioning Control (Latest documents are replaced in the backup)
  • Scheduled Backup
  • Unlimited Data Download
  • Free Support
  • Works on OneDrive for Business
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Frequently Asked Questions
Some of the frequently asked questions are mentioned here.
How many documents and sites can this used on?
This tool is the only tool and the best SharePoint online document backup and OneDrive for business documents back up tool in the market that provides unlimited download of documents across all sites and site collections.
Why is this cost only $199 while other tools in the market costs more than $1500 or more?
The reason this tool costs less is because it does only the most important thing of downloading and backing up the documents from online storage such as SharePoint or OneDrive. It doesn't add extra charges for features that are not used often or not used at all.
Who are the typical customers for this tool?
This tool has been used by HealthCare firms, IT Firms, Small Businesses that care about their data.
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